Corena Law & Associates
Creative Direction
Johan Chivatá
Ricardo Rivera
Dead Dino
Bárbaro Studio
The acclaimed law firm wanted to be part of the holiday season by telling a heartwarming story about overcoming adversity and unexpected mishappens to enjoy the times in family.
Through guidance from what the client wished for, our designer delivered some colorful and charming styleframes that would tell the story sequentially, and which would lay the foundation for the visual style that the final animated piece would showcase.
Our client really wanted the sweet story to be told in an equally endearing style that felt human and handmade. So it took some clever post-processing effects and a roster of pretty complex rigs to achieve a natural and believable result that would make these characters truly come to life.
The resulting ad was adapted and published in social networks, where it was holds over 1,500 views and over 200 likes.

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